See My Sex Tapes FAQ's

1) "What sort of people are you looking for?"

Sexy comes in many forms! We like diversity in our sex tapes. Typical girl-next-door works! So do tattoos and piercings! Do you look like a model? Sweet! Have a gorgeous attitude as well, and you'll probably make a great tape! Do you look like a real person with small boobies, a big butt or a standard-issue size cock and a slight gut? That works too! A fun attitude will take you very far here.

2) "Can we wear masks?"

No. It's an integral part of the video that your faces are shown. If you're too shy, then maybe this exciting home movie opportunity isn't for you. We understand.

3) "Do you accept lesbian couples?"


4) "Do you accept gay male couples?"

Not yet. Different marketplace.

5) "Can my friend film us having sex?"

No. The point of this website is real couples doing it together in real ways. Not many real people bring over a "friend" to video tape them doing it - at least that's not what we're interested in at this time.

6) "What if there are three of us and are interested in having a threesome on camera?"

Contact us. This could get interesting...

7) "Can I pay a girl to have sex with me and then you send me the whole $2500?"

Nope. See My Sex Tapes is about real couples doing something fun, sexy and adventurous together! Part of what we mean by "real" is "not a prostitute".

8) "How do we know we'll get paid?"

Your model release form and our contract together would not be legally binding if you were not compensated per the terms of the agreement. If a company was to use video footage or images of you without a mutually executed contract, that company would be exposed to a lawsuit, which is not what we want to do. We therefore have legal incentive to send you your check in a timely manner, a copy of which will be kept permanently for our records. Protecting our reputation is much cheaper for us to pay you than it would be to pay our expensive lawyers. And frankly, it's just good business.

9) "Can we do this every week?"

Nope. This is a one-time thing. That said, if we really like your content we might have other opportunities for you in the future!

10) "Do you accept tapes from overseas?"

We can accept English-speaking submissions from most countries. Yes, you can throw in some sexy phrases in other languages - it'll probably be super hot! But, most of the footage needs to be in English.

Payment will still be made in the form of a US issued check for $2,500.00 USD. Conversion to local currency is on you. Most banks are happy to convert dollars for you. That's why they're bankers.

11) "What camera should I use?" "What formats do you accept?"

Home video cameras that are HDV or HD only at this time. This includes FLIP HD cameras and other small home movie cameras (as long as they record to HD or HDV). This is important, so check your camera info with us before shooting.

12) "What if we're 80 years old?"

Then we're surprised you're on the Internet. Please feel free to join and watch!

13) "What happens if our submission is not accepted?"

If you are an attractive, healthy couple with an approved camera, we'll most likely approve you to go ahead and shoot. After we sign the agreement paperwork, if you follow our guidelines and talk with us about the simple steps to take to make a usable sex tape, then everything should work out perfectly. We'll have final approval of your footage so make sure you have a positive attitude, that the lighting is not too dark or too blown out to see what's going on, or that no one else appears in the footage who hasn't signed a release. Following our guidelines almost guarantees that your submission will be accepted.