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Think you've got what it takes to be a porn star? Are you an exhibitionist looking to show off your talents? Get started today by following these 5 simple steps and start fucking your way to the top!

How to submit your sex tape

Step 1: Gather up your talent and e-mail us some pictures and/or short video clips for pre- approval. E-mail your audition materials to and we'll get back to you with detailed submission instructions and your model release contracts as soon as you're approved.

While you're waiting, spend some time together on so you know what we're looking for in a hot and horny sex tape.

Step 2: You're Approved! Find a good quality HD camera and start shooting. We recommend something like Sony HD mini DV, Panasonic HD or a flip Video Ultra HD. Try to keep as many lights on as possible - bad lighting equals bad videos!! Each couple needs to film for one hour everyday for one week. (Extra horny? You can always film more!)

Step 3: Submit your release forms and I.D.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP! Film yourself and your sex partner(s) holding up a government issued photo ID. Every single person appearing in the video MUST sign proper 2257 and model releases. To download a copy of the contracts that EACH PERSON MUST SIGN CLICK HERE

A scanned driver's license MUST be included with each signed release.

All players MUST be at least 18 years old and it is the legal responsibility of the producer (That's YOU!) to ensure this.

Step 4: Review your video to make sure it fits our standards

Couples should shoot for an hour each day for a week and send us ALL the hot, juicy footage. We also want some day to day play, flirting, showering, bathing, talking... Let us get to know the real you!

Absolutely NO illegal activities/material please. Just fun, natural, hot sex!

Last, no background music or TV as we do not have the rights to rebroadcast commercial music!

We accept videos in QuickTime and WMV formats.

Step 5: Send us your Sex Tape!

We'll send you the address to our top secret location as well as final instructions for mailing in your hot videos and releases as soon as you've been approved to play for pay!

Want to know more? E-mail us at or Follow us on twitter @seemysextapes Still think you've got what we're looking for? Send us your tape, we dare you!